5 Solar Powered Green Product Affiliate Programs

Recently I started a niche site about solar powered green products, found some relevant affiliate programs, and thought some of you might also be interested in…

GoSun – GoSun is a portable solar powered stove that can cook a meal in 20 minutes without the use of any fuel. It’s fast, versatile, fuel free, and can keep food hot for hours. The regular GoSun Sport solar cooker only costs $299 with free shipping to the continental US, global shipping is also available. Refer GoSun sales and earn 10% commission, or you can join their reseller program, get wholesale pricing and zero dropship fess to US & Canada.

Solar Royal – Solar Royal specializes in affordable solar attic fans ventilation system, which can help reducing your home utility bills. The main advantage of solar powered ventilation is to reduce heat buildup during hot summer days, and moisture during the winter. Refer customers to them and earn a $35 one-time commission on every sale that is made from your referred customers.

Goal Zero – Goal Zero is an industry leader in portable solar power. Their entry level, ultra lightweight, weather-resistant foldable Nomad Solar Panel is perfect to collect power from the sun, it’s ideal to power up compact devices like smartphone, GPS, headlamp and such. Solar panels for mid-size or heavy-duty equipments are also available. Now you can promote Goal Zero products and earn 5% commission for every sale you refer to them.

GoGreenSolar – GoGreenSolar is a full service solar products supplier to organizations, dealers, and homeowners worldwide. They offer both on-grid and off-grid solar panel kits that you can install for yourself. Off-grid solar panel kits are mainly for remote locations like RVs, boats and cabins. For each purchase by a referral from you, you can earn 3% commission. Minimum payout is $50.

Solar Powered Backup System – Solar Powered Backup System is a plug and play, portable 1800 watt solar backup generator which consists of three main components – the massive “generator-backup”, the high efficiency solar panel, and the charge controller. It’s the perfect emergency backup for troubled times at any location. For every sale you generate, you will receive a commission of $200.

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