Black Desert Online – The account authentication key is invalid

BDO – The account authentication key is invalid.

The BDO game launcher is not working. How did it happen? I believe that there are many ways to get that error message. In my case, I had an unstable Internet connection, so I used my mobile phone as a hotspot to get connected to BDO temporarily. Once I fixed my usual Internet connection, I tried to connect to BDO, and that’s how I received the error message. According to some Internet search results, you receive that error when someone logs on your game account. Some suggest that you can try repairing your launcher; let’s give it a try.

BDO – Patching is so slow it takes forever.

With a fast Internet connection, patching speed is still very slow, like a few k per second. Will it take a few days to fix the launcher? It doesn’t make sense. Maybe I should uninstall and reinstall the game. Uh oh. Uninstallation is fast. But reinstallation gets stuck. The installation screen is frozen; it stop working. I tried many times, uninstall and reinstall. Some suggest that installation won’t work for Windows 11, only for Windows 10. Wow, that’s some great news. BDO don’t expect Windows 11 users to play the game?

Finally, I found a solution that works. In the Pearlabyss folder, change to BlackDesert folder, rename BlackDesertPatcher32.pae to BlackDesertPatcher32.exe, and run BlackDesertPatcher32.exe. It takes less than an hour to download the whole game, around 60GB. For more details, please go to the following Reddit link:

[My Fix] Launcher not launching/Stuck on Ghost after Launch
byu/vectorprime4200 inblackdesertonline