Free Clothing, Anyone?

Do you want clothing absolutely for free? You might ask, what is the catch? Most of these so-called Fashion Blogger Programs have certain similar requirements, i.e. you must have at least a certain number of followers from your blog or social network. Then you agree that you will wear and take photos of each free item you received within a week or so. The amount of freebies you can get is mainly based on the number of your followers, number of your daily unique visits, response and quality of your posts or reviews. If that is something you are interested in, check out the following blogger programs.

Kapsule – You must have at least 1000 followers on your fashion blog. You must have at least 5000 people following you on any social network. (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). You should take photos of you sporting our clothings within 7-15 days of you receiving the items, and publish them to your blog, facebook or twitter, etc. When you publish the photos you are welcome to make a review and comments, please add the the link of the product page. You may get free clothing that are worth of R1000-R2000 every month.

Rock with U – You must have at least over 800~5000 Followers, e.g. Lookbook over 800~1000, Blogger over 1000, Twitter or Tumblr over 4000, Facebook over 3000. Send us an email about yourself and get a free product worth from $100 to $500 every month. Within 2 weeks of receiving the free product from us, you are obligated to take photos of you wearing our product, and publish them to your blog, lookbook, facebook, twitter, chictopia and any other form of social media which you are on, so that we can get feedback from the market audience in a timely manner.

Jollychic – You own a blog with over 1,000 followers. You can get voucher from $60 to $150 each month once your application is approved. The voucher will be distributed directly to your shopping account including shipping fee. You would get a higher voucher next month, which depends on the response and quality of your posts or reviews. Make review in 10 days after receiving products.

Oasap – The amount of freebies you can get is mainly based on the followers you have, the votes/hypes or comments of your each post, the quality and quantity of your posts, and the number of visitors your post generates. Wear and take photos for each item you received within 7 days (we will cancel the cooperation if the applicant just takes photos of the products without wearing them). Bring at least 60 visits to each cycle, average 2 visits per day.

Rose&Pose – We currently accept applications from fashion bloggers who have a follower/fanbase of least 1000+ on Google Friend Connect and/or Bloglovin’; and a similar following on other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Chictopia,, Instagram, Youtube etc. You should take photos of yourself rocking our clothes within 7-15 days of receiving the item/s, publish them to your blog, and your social media channels. Usually we provide between £20 and £100 credits for a each blog at a time.

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