Plesk Diagnose & Repair

Whenever I add more domains to the system, I seem to screw up certain files/folders attributes, so I run “Diagnose & Repair” trying to fix things up. This time, I have two additional problems.

Problem 1

“Checking the consistency of the Plesk database Inconsistency in the table ‘smb_roleServicePermissions’ for the column servicePermissionId: No rows in the table ‘smb_servicePermissions’ with id = 1” has the solution.

“plesk repair db -verbose
Remove unnecessary rows from the table ‘smb_roleServicePermissions’? [Y/n]”

Problem 2

“nginx fails to start/reload on a Plesk server: Too many open files.” has the solution.

“Connect to the server via SSH
Set open files limit to 4096 for both Apache and Nginx:
/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/websrv_ulimits –set 4096 –no-restart
Restart Apache and nginx services at Plesk > Tools & Settings > Services Management to apply changes.
Check that ‘Max open files limit’ was applied properly, after web services restarting:
grep ‘Max open files’ /proc/$(cat /var/run/
Max open files 4096 4096 file”

Then I re-run “Diagnose & Repair”. Both problems are gone.

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