4 Instant Commission Affiliate Networks

Nowadays, most money making programs would only agree to pay you Net 30 to 60 days. In order to earn instant money online, one must join a money making program that will pay you instantly. And better yet, if that money site can pay you via PayPal, that’s definitely more convenient! Let’s take a look at some of the instant commission affiliate networks.

PaySpree (PR3) – As a vendor, free members are allowed to add one product for free, buy a $29 upgrade and add unlimited products for life. As an affiliate, one can earn instant commission for as high as 100%. For a transaction total of over $20, a $2 service fee will apply. Payment methods include PayPal, PayZa, and Moneybookers. Since their last blog post is dated almost a year ago, I had a moment wondering if their site is still running or not. Anyhow, sign up and etc still seem to work…

JVZoo (PR3) – This site is pretty alive, they have a $10,000 affiliate contest in August/September. The twenty affiliates that sell the most products via their affiliates links will share a prize pool of $10,000. Their live leaderboard is pretty cool, you can check what top products are being promoted. However, more FAQ would be nice, I still want to know besides PayPal if they offer other payout method, any service fee, etc.

RAP Bank (PR3) – On the other hand, RAP Bank provides an exhaustive feature list and a detailed FAQ page, which basically cover everything you might want to ask. One interesting feature of RAP Bank is that they provide a free WordPress plugin that can list RAP Bank products automatically on your WordPress blog. It’s quite handy if you plan to promote their products on your blogs.

DigiResults (PR3) – Most instant commission programs use a rotating commission scheme. If a vendor sets commissions to 50%, the vendor gets the first sale, and the affiliate gets the second sale, and so on. With DigiResults, affiliates get paid for every sale immediately. If the commission is 50%, both the vendor and affiliate will get 50% of the sale directly into their Paypal accounts. The fee structure is simple: below $10, service fee is $0.25 + 7.5%, and above $10, service fee is $0.50 + 5%.