Adsense & Alternatives

When talking about displaying ads on websites, most people would think of Google Adsense and Both have been around for some time, especially Adsense. I got my Adsense account in the early days. Back in those days, they even offered a referral program. Well, nothing last forever. After a while, the referral program retired and then they had something new, which was the affiliate network. But after a while, that one was gone as well. is another good contextual advertising network. Last time I checked, that’s quite a while ago, their ads mostly look like a list of links. Anyhow, if for whatever reasons, you want to try something other than Adsense and, what are the alternatives? Of course, there are many. Just sometimes, you won’t know which one works for you until you give it a try.

Is there a network which would accept new blogs and also offer a referral program? I asked my friends during an online chat session, and they gave me the follow names.

Adsterra – There is no mentioning of minimum traffic requirement, does it mean that they might accept new websites? They accept websites in any language, and also offer a referral program. With their referral program, you can earn 5% of the revenue generated by people you referred to the network, and that’s for a lifetime.

Adreact – If you want to find out how much you can earn, there is a page doing estimation based on visitors’ country, the number of a page view and video view. For example, if I select the country of visitors as the US and with a page view of 1000, the estimated monthly earnings are $2.35.

Ezoic – The eligibility requirement is clearly stated on their FAQ. Your content should be original. Traffic recommendation should have an average of 10k sessions per month.

Monumetric – There are four levels of services: Propel (10k-80k), Ascend (80k-500k), Stratos (500k-10mm), and Apollo (10mm+).

Sortable – What are the requirements? Sortable’s requirements are A) Minimum of one million monthly page views, B) traffic history readily available, and C) Site architecture must be one of the following: custom PHP, or other standard CMS.

Adversal – Here are some of the basic requirements: Your website must have its domain name and with at least 50k page views per month.