10 High Paying Affiliate Programs

Artfield Investments – $2500 – $7500 or more for a referral. Artfield Investments are consulting Investment Bankers that specialize in taking companies public, i.e. getting them listed on the stock market. They normally charge between $25,000 and $75,000 for most of the services, and you can earn a 10% referral fee for simply referring a client to them.

Commercial Loan Direct – $1,250 per every sale. If you refer someone to the website and they join the affiliate program, you will also get $250 for every sale they refer to the service. This website affiliate program is only available to US based websites or companies. A minimum PR 1 is required.

The Company Corporation – Up to $100 commission per completed sale. If you start your own affiliate network, you can make additional commissions.

SailingEurope – 100€ for the first conversion + earnings for up to 100 clicks (0.10€ per click). For subsequent conversions, you get 50€ + earnings for up to 100 clicks (0.10€ per click).

House Plan Gallery – Earn 15% commission on every purchasing customer which on an average sale would provide you with over a $100 commission on each sale. In addition, your affiliate cookie is kept for 1 year.

James Allen – 5% commission on every sale that comes directly from your website, the average CPA is $275.

MediTravels – $100 for medical tourism leads, if they go for a treatment.

Poker Strategy – Get up to $500 per referral. You earn 10% of your friend’s earnings, and earn 10% of all our revenues from purchases your friends make in their shop.

Anastasia – Up to $350 Per First Order. Up to $125 Per Each Order. Up to $8 Per Lead, $10 for each 2nd tier affiliates.

Goldbroker – There are two CPA programs, one in euros and one in dollars, and two revenue sharing programs, also one in euros and one in dollars. The CPA program in euros offers a commission of 170€ for each client investing in gold or silver, regardless of the amount invested. The CPA program in dollars offers a $200 commission. Revenue sharing programs in both currencies offer 20% of the gross commissions generated by your recruited clients each time a client places an order such as precious metals buying or precious metals storage.