10 Offshore Web Hosting Companies That Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin, being one of the popular choices of anonymous online payment, is getting more and more popular in the web hosting business. However, when a web hosting service allows you to pay anonymously, it does not mean that you can put anything on your website. You are still governed by the general terms of usage, e.g. phishing, spamming, hacking, malware and etc are not allowed.

So, for whatever reason if you plan to stay anonymous online and look for an offshore web hosting services that accept Bitcoin payment, please check out the followings. Usually those which offer shared web hosting, also provide VPS hosting.

Offshore Anonymous Shared Web Hosting

Beam Servers (Netherlands) – $1.99/month, 5 GB Storage, 500 GB Bandwidth, 5 Domains

Bitcoin Web Hosting (London, Dublin) – $5.00/month, 1 GB Storage, 20 GB Bandwidth, 1 Domain

CCI Hosting (Panama) – $5.00/month, 15 GB Storage, 50 GB Bandwidth, 2 Domains

HideMyHost (Netherlands) – €1.99/month, 5 GB Storage, 250 GB Bandwidth, 5 Domains

Internoc24 (Sweden, Iceland, Netherland, Russia, Malaysia, Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey, Panama, Australien, Romania, different prices for different countries) – €4.99/month, 2 GB Storage, 50 GB Bandwidth, 1 Domain

LibertyVPS (Netherlands) – $4.99/month, 10 GB Storage, 25 GB Bandwidth, 1 Domain

Offshore Racks (Panama) – $2.95/month, 2 GB Storage, 5 GB Bandwidth, 1 Domain

Serveria (Latvia) – $3.49/month, 1 GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1 Domain

Offshore Anonymous VPS Hosting

R0UTE (Iran) – $9.95/month, 15 GB Storage, 384 MB RAM, 10 GB Bandwidth

VPSGoneWild (Netherlands) – $14.95/month, 10 GB Storage, 512 MB RAM, 1 TB Bandwidth