A $500 review or 500 $1 review

Few months ago, I read a story somewhere online, I don’t remember exactly where. It’s about some guy who bought a $500 blog review from some blog guru. Regrettably, he only received 250 clicks in return. The blog review buyer described that blog review purchase as a painful and unjustifiable online marketing experience. How can a popular blog with over 200k subscribers and viewers only give 250 clicks? One could easily think of two possible reasons, i.e. either that blog review’s topic or content is not that appealing, or the number of subscribers and viewers is mistakenly represented. As we can all imagine, that $500 could be well spent on other ways.

I began to think, instead of spending 500 dollars on one review, how about spending the same amount of money on 500 small reviews, the result would seem to be more promising. So that came the idea of building a website providing a low-cost blog advertising service. Blog advertising is not a new concept. But what I’m trying to target are those advertisers who would be interested in a low cost advertising solution, i.e. $1-$2 for a simple blog review. And for the bloggers, nowadays most blog review networks would charge an admin fee ranging from 35% to 50%, e.g. for a $10 blog review job, admin keeps $5, blogger keeps another $5. I believe that sometimes blogging is hard work, bloggers should be rewarded appropriately. So here is our plan. Meanwhile I set our admin fee as 25% and try to see how things work. Within that 25%, 5% will go to the blogger referral (if any), 5% will go to the advertiser referral (if any). Half of the profit (if any) will go to Feed The Children.