Basic Ingredients of a Blog

No, I’m not talking about your blog content and stuff. I suppose your blog content is all good and unique. Anyway, I heard that if you are running any ad revenue program like the very famous Google Adsense, in order to get your ad program like you better, your blog should have the following ingredients: contact form, privacy policy, blog disclaimer, and a Creative Commons license.

Contact form – This WordPress plugin “Fast Secure Contact Form” comes in handy. Using this plugin is easy, add a page, just insert one line of code, save and you get a working contact form. You can add more fields, change field width, add more forms, etc in FS Contact Form Options under “Plugins”. Or if you are using an Elegant Theme, they already have a contact form template.

Privacy policy – Here is a privacy policy sample, replace the domain name with yours.

Blog disclaimer – Again, here is a blog disclaimer sample.

Creative Commons license – With your Creative Commons license, you can keep your copyright and allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit — and only on the conditions you specify. Select your own options, and get your Creative Commons license here.