Get Your Free VPS

I bet you have heard a lot about free web hosting, what about free VPS? One of the free web hosting suppliers, Host1Free, is offering free VPS to its members. For more info, visit Or someone told me you just need to sign up on this form:

What is included in this free VPS offer? 128M RAM, 10G disk space, and unlimited bandwidth.

When you signup, you are asked to select a VPS template, I would recommend Centos-5-x86. You can try others and later re-install the one you really like. For VPS hostname, just make up a name. For some reasons, Host1Free don’t just approve everybody, maybe they check your signup IP to see if it is a proxy or something. I received a confirmation email within 12 hours. Follow the email instruction and login the member page using your browser. Click Serial Console, follow the PuTTY link to download PuTTY (if you don’t have any ssh client), PuTTY is a simple text based software that allows you to connect to your VPS console. Run PuTTY, input your VPS IP address (not the address shown in your Serial Console page), open. Login as root. If you can’t login, reset your password back in that member page.

If you reinstall your VPS, use the original email/password (provided in confirmation email) to login. Reset console password to login console. Now assume you are running Centos 5, you have no problem login your console, and you have a domain name ready, let’s setup a WordPress blog on your free VPS.