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Free Domain Name – There are few places you can get a domain name for free. Some people believe that these domain names are useless, search engines don’t like them, you can’t rank them, and etc. Well, that’s possible. The reason is that many spammers like to take advantage of this sort of free resources, eventually search engines might deindex the domains at some point of time. However, if you don’t care about that, and simply want a domain name for your personal blog and such. You can try some of the followings:,,,,,… The domain you registered must be remained active, or the registry will remove your record.

Free Web Hosting – Most of the free web hosting services are not meant to be reliable and resourceful, they all expect some of the customers would eventually buy an upgrade and get a better package, that’s how they keep their free hosting business running. I noticed that many people partner with, and provide free hosting service to their members. Just out of curiosity, I decided to check it out. not only provides a free web hosting service, but also a white label web hosting reseller solution. Once you sign up a free account, you can access the hosting panel and make up paid hosting plans. There are 12 settings including disk space (10-10000 MB), bandwidth (100-100000 MB), email accounts (1-5), FTP accounts (1-5), databases (1-5), daily unique visitors limit (10-10000), database connection hourly limit (1000-25000), mailbox size (1-50 MB), sub-domains (1-5), parked domains (1-5), addon domains (1-5), and cron jobs (1-5). After you select what you plan to offer, make up a price. There is one thing I’m a bit confused… In “Frequent Questions”, it says, “they earn from upgrades and it completely covers their costs”. But in the main page, it also says, “ability to sell unlimited upgrades, retain 100% of your earnings”. There must be two different kinds of upgrades? If you figure it out, please let me know.

Free WordPress Themes – Here are 3 of my favourite free WordPress themes, they look totally cool and stylish!