Japanese Gadget Gift Affiliate Program

Have you thought of making money by promoting Japanese gadget gifts? I was looking for some unusual, trendy gift ideas, and I came across this Japanese online gift store – Japan Trend Shop. A quick Google search of the domain name japantrendshop.com and “scam” doesn’t come up with any negative results, so I guess I can presume this online store is genuine and safe to shop.

Japanese are always well known for their creativity and product designs. Some of these products are so wacky that you gotta see it to believe it. According to their FAQ, Japan Trend Shop ships worldwide with a global flat shipping rate. They usually ship the item within 1-3 working days after the payment is received. The parcel will then be in transit for 2-4 working days, so altogether it would take about 7 working days. Too bad, they don’t have a dropship program. However, they do have an affiliate program which pays up to 7% commission. Now let’s take a look at some of their interesting gadgets.


Remoca Dog Food Bowl Camera – Pet meal remote monitoring system ($764 + $38 shipping)

You can keep an eye on your canine chum’s meal times via your computer screen, and there is even a special app that allows you to also watch on a tablet or smartphone. The water will refill automatically so your pooch never goes thirsty. And for those times when you want to give him or her a treat, you can even control the system to open the lids on two snack bowls.


Smart Han Bento Lunchbox – Handheld rice tube for meals ($26 + $14 shipping)

Rice (han) just got smarter with the Smart Han, a new take on the classic Japanese bento lunchbox by those masters of playful invention, Takara Tomy. Coming with a “screw up storage” function so you can twist out however much rice you want to eat, there is also a cap for furikake dressing or any other topping you fancy.


Super CHOBi Cam One – Micro HD digital video camera ($176 + $14 shipping)

New and improved, the Super CHOBi CAM ONE is the latest in the series of mini digital cameras that fit in your pocket, between your fingers… or basically into any other tiny space. This model in particular is designed so it can also be hooked up in your car to take great driving videos, turning on automatically when the car engine starts and then stopping recording when you park.


Gakken Premium Gramophone – Retro mechanical record player ($148 + $42 shipping)

With a bamboo needle and a hand-cranked, completely mechanical action, this is a nearly perfect replica of gramophones used in the early 20th century. This gramophone supports all record sizes, features speed and tone adjustment, and even lets you record music!


Itazura Bank Panda Coin Box – Animal thief piggy bank ($52 + $26 shipping)

Just when you thought it was safe to store your cash, along comes another cheeky animal coin box! After winning our hearts (and money) with a series of feline and canine thieves, now comes China’s favorite creature. The Itazura Bank Panda follows its predecessors in hiding in the box, to reach up and grab your coin when placed on the bamboo-decorated bowl in front.


Yatai Yokocho Yakitori Grill – Home electric cooking grill ($118 + $52 shipping)

Bring the spirit and taste of Japanese street food to your home with this Yatai Yokocho, which translates as “street vendor alley”. With this simple but practical electric grill you can enjoy some of the best kinds of local cuisine, including yakitori skewers, takoyaki (octopus dough balls, famous in Osaka) and yakinikku (Korean BBQ).