Make Money with Amazon Associates

How to make money with Amazon Associates? Amazon affiliate program is so well-known. I bet we all tried it at some point in time. How do we get Amazon sites to convert? In this post, I want to share with you what I learnt from using Amazon Associates.

What works?

A row of product images on top of your post – Since the Amazon cookie only lasts for one day, many people suggest that it’s for your best interest to send your web visitors off to Amazon as soon as possible. While it sounds nice for visitors to stay on your website or blog for a bit of time, but unless they actually visit Amazon and buy something, you aren’t going to make any commission. So people with this belief suggest that you should place attractive and colourful product photo on the top of your post, embed your Amazon affiliate product link with the photo, and hopefully, your visitors will click the image right away and get redirected to Amazon and continue shopping. Many commercial (or free) WordPress Amazon plugins can perform this job nicely, or you can do it manually, grab the product image and link from your Amazon Associate interface.

Amazon product review sites – It is a common practice that before we want to buy something, usually we want to find out how good the merchandise is. To seek out this information, of course nowadays the most convenient way is to do a product review search on the Internet. Sometimes, if the product review is more than satisfactory or better than expected, your visitors might even order the merchandise instantly. That’s the kind of buying impulse we want to present to our prospective shopper. What kind of products should we promote? That’s mostly based on personal preference. But basically, we want to promote products that are within a reasonable price range, products that have received generally positive product reviews.

What doesn’t?

Amazon default banner ads – Somehow people don’t seem to be interested in those banner products. A review site definitely works better. For those who are searching for reviews on a specific merchandise, those are the ones who are ready to order.

Amazon ads & Google ads – Putting the two together seem to be at a risk of lowering the ad earning per click. In my opinion, in order to get an Amazon site to convert better, an Amazon site should only be focused on promoting Amazon products, no other ads should be displayed. After all, you want your visitors to go to Amazon and order, you don’t want them to get distracted and jumped to somewhere else.