GoDaddy or Namecheap

GoDaddy or Namecheap or Network Solutions?

After all these years, I still have a couple of domain names registered at Network Solutions. Compared to most domain name registrars, Network Solutions’ domain fees are expensive. But somehow, I still prefer to keep some important domain names there. One thing I really don’t like about Network Solutions is that they always charge the renewal fees two months in advance of the domain expiry dates.

Anyhow, some years ago, when I discovered GoDaddy, I have transferred most of my domain names to GoDaddy. Ever since then, I always register new domain names at GoDaddy. So far so good, nothing to complain. The interface of GoDaddy’s domain manager is great, never had any problem. Besides, I like the way that GoDaddy always charges my domain renewal fees on the expiry dates. That makes me easier to keep track of my domain names and stuff.

Lately, I heard a lot of good things about Namecheap. Is it time to try a new domain name service provider? Unlike web hosting service which involves more technical issues, most domain name service providers are pretty much the same. What makes Namecheap different from the rest? So I had a chat with Namecheap’s online customer service, the sales representative was quite helpful. Some of the domain name extensions supported do seem cheaper than the others in the market. Besides, each new domain name registration also includes 1 year WhoisGuard privacy protection, which costs $2.88. That is quite a deal! However, for renewal fee, they do charge customer one month in advance of the expiry date, I guess that’s acceptable. Alright, let me register a couple of domains there and let you know how it goes.

To conclude, for a rock-solid domain name registrar, I highly recommend GoDaddy. If you want a cheap domain name fee with a free privacy protection, Namecheap isn’t a bad choice either.