InMotion Hosting vs CrocWeb vs Namecheap

Did you notice that this blog is now hosted with InMotion Hosting? Two weeks ago, I decided to move some of my Hostgator hosted domains to other web hosting companies. So I signed up InMotion Hosting, CrocWeb, and Namecheap, and here are some brief comparisons of their shared web hosting plans.

Web Hosting Plans: All InMotion Hosting and CrocWeb plans offer SSD hosting. According to the data provided by InMotion Hosting, SSDs pushed out 95% more data than these traditional hard disk drives, and hard disk drives take about 20 times longer to access data during periods of heavy I/O requests. In other words, SSD is way more superior, SSDs have lower access time, less latency… Namecheap’s Business SSD plan is also equipped with SSDs.

InMotion Hosting (US)

Launch: Unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Transfer, 2 domains – $7.99/month
Power: Unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Transfer, 6 domains – $9.99/month
Pro: Unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited domains – $15.99/month

CrocWeb (CA)

Egg: 10 GB SSD Disk Space, 1000 GB Transfer, Unlimited domains – $4.95/month
Baby: 20 GB SSD Disk Space, 2000 GB Transfer, Unlimited domains – $6.95/month
Adult: 50 GB SSD Disk Space, 5000 GB Transfer, Unlimited domains – $8.95/month

Namecheap (US, UK)

Value: 20 GB Disk Space, Unlimited Transfer, 3 domains – $38.88/year
Professional: 50 GB Disk Space, Unlimited Transfer, 10 domains – $78.88/year
Ultimate: Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Transfer, 50 domains – $129.88/year
Business SSD: 20 GB SSD Disk Space, 5000 GB Transfer, Unlimited domains – $19.88/month, $20.88/month

Coupon / Discount Code:

InMotion Hosting – It seems to be random. Try reloading their webpage, you will see a different discount rate, the one I received was 30PERCENTOFFPROPLAN12MO.

CrocWeb – CROCWEB2015 – 60% One Time Discount

Namecheap – Namecheap is running a promotion, e.g. $9.88/year for the Value plan, you gotta try it!


Sign Up Process:

Both CrocWeb and Namecheap process your orders automatically. With InMotion Hosting, you need to wait for their phone call for order confirmation, the support lady is pretty friendly.

Service Quality & Support:

So far so good, there seem to be no problem with any of them. I can upload a good number of files without any issues. Some people suggest that it’s not wise to web host with a domain registrar such as Namecheap. Their reason is that a domain registrar can never be good at both domain registration and web hosting businesses, but I found Namecheap hosting service to be reasonably great.

Affiliate Program:

InMotion Hosting – 1~2 Sales Per month: $50 Per Sale, 3+ Sales Per month: $100 Per Sale, minimum payout $100, payable via PayPal, check, or wire.

CrocWeb – They do not currently offer any affiliate program.

Namecheap – 15% commission rate, payouts via Paypal or Namecheap Funds.

Actually, I also wanted to try Netrouting, an offshore web hosting company based in the Netherlands. For some reason, I’m unable to order their package, that’s a bit weird.