How To Build Unlimited Amazon Stores Fast & Easy – Fresh Store Builder

Update: For some reasons, I’m not using this product anymore. (April 2013)

There are many ways to build Amazon stores. One popular way is to build an Amazon store for free using one of those free Amazon WordPress plugins, it mostly works in a way that you have to manually search and add an Amazon product for each of your post. It could be fun to create pages for tens of items, but if you are planning to display a couple thousand items, that would become a headache! In the market, there are several Amazon store scripts that can help building an Amazon store automatically, but Google might see that as a carbon copy of a portion of Amazon, eventually your site might even get deindexed from major search engines.

The perfect combination is to find a solution that allows you to add unique content for your store, and at the same time, auto-populate your store. After some digging, I came across a product called Fresh Store Builder. With a 60 day refund policy, I decided to give it a try. It turned out that it’s a purchase that I don’t regret a bit. Within 30 minutes, I got the script downloaded, uploaded and installed successfully. The store is running, and being auto-populated slowly with product categories that I pre-set. Now I just need to add more content and products, change a bit of the layout, then this store can go live! Btw, Fresh Store Builder works well with Hostgator web hosting.

Before I ordered this product, I did go through all the forum posts and tried to figure out what Fresh Store Builder is. Here are the main points that you might find useful:

Fresh Store Builder is a store / website builder, a standalone script with the main purpose of building Amazon stores. It has nothing to do with WordPress, or being a WordPress plugin. However, you can always setup a sub directory to hold a WordPress blog under your store domain name.

One of the main features of Fresh Store Builder is that it uses its own shopping cart to store items. Your customers get a 90 days cookie. When your customers are ready to checkout, they get redirected to the Amazon site to complete the transaction. It is called a “Remote Shopping Cart”, it can increase conversions, the customers are likely put in a “buying mode” as it is a shop format.

It works with all the Amazons (Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, USA). You can setup stores targeting different audiences, maybe one for the UK visitors, one for the USA visitors, and etc. You can get a free GeoLocation database from MaxMind for this purpose. A simple script will be needed to send visitors to their respective stores.

Fresh Store Builder works by storing the product information locally. The price is updated at least every 15 minutes, but the product description is updated every 24 hours.

If you are interested in using Fresh Store Builder, the recommended priority is researching your niche, populating your store, adding content and getting it live. There is a suggestion of adding at least 5 pages of content to the site and try to make it useful and unique.

For those who are using the Classic template, there is a bug on “add to cart”. If you click “add to cart” after “view product”, you get an error page. To fix this problem, sign up the private forum and download the latest template file.

When you test your store, you might see an affiliate ID fa20-20. Just delete the cache from your store admin panel, and reload the store. It is not a good idea to use nulled Fresh Store Builder, it won’t work. In order to get your script running correctly using your Amazon ID, you need to register your store’s domain name with their system.

That’s about it, give it a try.

Update: For some reasons, I’m not using this product anymore. (April 2013)