More Pages More Money

In the past, people always say “Content is King”. Internet marketers would tell you if you want a piece of good quality article, you should put at least a few hundreds words in there. However, things are different now. In many big brand websites, you always see articles with titles like “Nine dementia symptoms”, “32 things that can cause cancer”, etc. All of these articles have something in common, they all consist of a number of pages, each page only has an image and a few sentences. If you want to finish reading “32 things that can cause cancer”, you need to click 32 times. In other words, reading one post would bring 32 page views to the system, and more page views could mean more money to the publishers, smart eh?

How hard to create this sort of content? Let’s take a look and learn. So what are the “Nine dementia symptoms”? I clicked 9 times and found that out – Subtle short-term memory changes, Mood swings, Difficulty finding the right words, Difficulty completing normal tasks, Apathy, Difficulty following storylines, A declining sense of direction, Being repetitive, and Struggling to adapt to change. How come I got a feeling those are mostly common senses?

Ok, what about “32 things that can cause cancer”? Will I learn something new? Here goes the list – Tobacco smoking, Alcohol consumption, Diesel exhaust, Sunbeds and sunlamps, Outdoor air pollution, Passive smoking, Chimney sweeping, Indoor burning of coal, Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, Smokeless tobacco products, Radiation, Areca nut, Phenacetin, Polychlorinated biphenyls, Coal tar, Arsenic in drinking water, Aristolochic acids in plants, Mustard gas, Painters, Boot and shoe manufacturing industry, Rubber industry, Vinyl Chloride, Furniture making factories, Aluminum production units, Fracking, Untreated or mildly treated mineral oils, Asbestos plant, Nuclear facilities, Coal gasification, Hematite mining, Auramine, and Exposure to sulfuric acid vapors. Hey, I think everybody knows that hazardous chemicals and precarious work environment can do no good to one’s health.

So you see, if you can find a good topic, people who are interested would still go through all the clicks to see what the post is about. Say, if you get ambitious and want more page views, how about articles like “50 Best TV Shows”, “50 Superfoods You Should Eat”, “100 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions”, “100 Best Online Money Making Methods”, “200 Best Affiliate Sites for 2016”, etc etc. Anyway, I bet you got the idea. 🙂