When you cannot connect to anywhere except Google and Yahoo

From time to time, one of my computers would have a connection problem. It worked in a way that it could not connect to any websites except a few big ones such as Google and Yahoo. It wouldn’t be an excellent time to search for a solution, well, search results were there, but I wouldn’t be able to access those websites. You might wonder how that happened, why some websites could be connected but not all? I figure those few sites have IPv6 enabled. So, if your IPv4 isn’t working, you can still connect to them by IPv6.

Sometimes, a change of DNS servers would do the trick. Instead of using data provided by your Internet provider, you can specify DNS addresses to be used. One popular choice is the Google DNS servers – and To change your DNS server address, you can visit Control Panel, click the followings: Network and Sharing Center, Wireless Network Connection. In Properties, select Internet Protocol Version 4, click Properties, there you can see places you can input your DNS server addresses.

A few days ago, I had a similar problem. According to the Wireless Network Connection Status, IPv4 Connectivity had no connectivity. IPv6 was fine. This time, the above switch of DNS servers didn’t work, magic didn’t happen. Should I call my Internet provider for help? Hmm, other devices like Internet TV or mobile phones are working, so that had to be something wrong with this particular computer. Using methods described on the Internet, I checked and tried many ways. Problem remained.

Then I thought of a clumsy method – System Restore. I reset my computer to a previous stable restore point which is about two weeks ago. For some reason, that restore point isn’t as stable as it seems. I could not even start up Windows properly. I once again set my computer back to my present restore point. Things are back to normal now. So it might be a good idea to save a restore point once for a while. You have no idea when you will need them.