IRIScan Book 5 Portable Scanner Review

Nowadays, people tend to stay home more. The more time you spend at home, the more time you can devote to clean up your home. Many tidy-up experts would tell you to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff such as old books, magazines, or any out-dated printed materials. But chances are there is always some stuff you want to keep, and you don’t bother to throw them all away. When there are materials you don’t treasure it enough to keep the original copy, you might want to keep a record. In this case, a handheld scanner would come in handy.

Recently I purchased a handheld scanner from Bestbuy. While online stores always claim that delays should be expected during COVID-19, Bestbuy always delivers their orders within days. This time, I received my scanner in 2 days.

IRIScan Book 5 vs IRIScan Anywhere 5 – They are both portable scanners. The main difference is that, with IRIScan Anywhere 5, you need to feed the document or photo to the scanner. On the other hand, Book 5 is a wand model, and it is designed primarily for scanning pages in books or magazines.

Setting up the scanner software is straightforward – Follow the link as displayed on the package. Based on your product model, download a simple exe file which is a simple interface. Installing the running the interface would allow you to install the software InstantResult and Readiris Pro 16.

InstantResult vs Readiris Pro 16 – They are both OCR software. They both allow you to convert your images into editable documents. I tried both of them, and I’m under the impression that Readiris Pro seems to work a bit better. I suppose if you don’t plan to edit your scans, you don’t need that software, and you can always save your scans as image files. Then you can access the image files either using the included USB cable or microSD card.

Scanning is easy – There are only five buttons on the scanner. Just use those few buttons to move up and down, enter or return. First, open the menu and select jpg or pdf, grey or colour, and adjust dpi resolution. Press Scan to start, press it again to stop.

Overall, it’s an easy-to-use and affordable product. The only complain is that the USB connector would do better. Sometimes, it gives a “Malfunctioned Error”, and I have to retry a couple of times. Other than that, this scanner is perfect.