How to Build a Link Wheel

We all heard that link wheel building is great for search engine optimization. Everybody says that link wheel SEO works wonder! Do you plan to build a link wheel for your website? There are many ways to build a link wheel. When you search “link wheel” on Google Images, you get images of all different kinds of link wheel layouts. More or less, the general idea is to setup a number of Web 2.0 blogs / sites, the “spokes”, have them linking to one and other like a “wagon wheel” ( A -> B, B -> C, C -> D, D -> E, E -> F, F -> A ), and at the same time, each of the “spoke” sites linking right back to your money site, the “hub” ( A -> your money site, B -> your money site, C -> your money site, D -> your money site, E -> your money site, F -> your money site ).

Building a link wheel could be fun and no fun! The fun part is to design your link wheel, like how many “spoke” sites you want, how you want your “spoke” sites to link to each other, or maybe in order to make it more complicated you might want additional small link wheels targeting one or more of your “spoke” sites, the options are limitless. The “no fun” part is to write different unique articles focusing on the same niche or main theme, signup and setup accounts at different “spoke” sites, perform social bookmarking, and etc.

In order to make your link wheels work better, some SEO gurus suggest that we better make our backlink building look more natural, use a less symmetrical link wheel pattern, randomize things a bit. Another tip is to use human readable content, make each article as unique as possible, and never use any spun content. Poorly spun content is bad and dumb, and is simply asking for penalties.

If you consider link wheel building as time consuming and boring, you can always spend a few hundred dollars and outsource this tiresome job to some SEO experts, or if you have more time than money or simply want to build it for fun, you can do it for free. In my previous post, you can find a list of free do follow, high page rank, Web 2.0 blogs / sites for link wheel building.