Loom WordPress Theme Review

Loom is a multi-purpose responsive WordPress theme developed by Tommusrhodus. When you check out his portfolio, you would notice that this author has lots of 5 star products. When you shop from such an Elite Author, you can’t go wrong with anything.

My first impression is that this theme looks really neat and cool. Setup is easy and straightforward, it only takes a short time to set it up the way I want. According to the theme sales page, there are many great features including the choice of single or multiple page website setup, 8 different header styles, custom thumbnail cropping, template builder, drop and drop post order, one click demo installation, mailing list widget, built-in sharing and many other good stuff. I haven’t yet tried the custom thumbnail cropping or the Ebor template builder, but most things seem to be in working order except there is a little minor issue with the blog layout setting. In Blog Settings, it appears that the selection of “Grid Blog with Sidebar” does not work properly, it only displays one blog excerpt on each row.


Many WordPress themes come with their own theme control panels for theme settings and options. With Loom, you can only modify the theme setting within the WordPress Theme Live Preview interface. Based on your preference, you can easily see exactly how your theme will look like before you activate it.

Loom is one of the best WordPress themes I ever use, however a few more additional features would make it even better. For example, how about some typography management, ad management, pre-defined colour skins, choice of left sidebar, optional masonry grid blog layout? Among all of the above, I figure a font management feature would be the most essential one. Instead of editing a stylesheet, I bet most users would prefer to change a font style or size on an online interface. Anyway, those are just some ideas, and I bet more great features will be available in future updates.