How do you make money with Tumblr NSFW blogs

Recently many people talk about making money using Tumblr blogs. There are a number of methods being discussed across many money making forums. However, they are all quite similar. The basic idea is to setup a NSFW (not suitable/safe for work) Tumblr blog, follow, like and reblog others having a similar niche. Tag the images / content properly, and Tumblr’s tagging system will bring in the traffic.

Monetizing a Tumblr blog is similar to monetizing any blog. If your content is “safe for work”, of course, you can use Adsense, which probably will pay you the best. If you decide to go for the NSFW categories, there are 4 popular programs for Tumblr bloggers.

ImageTwist – For Tier 1 countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, they pay $3 for each 1000 image views. Minimum Payment is $2. They also pay 15% earnings of your each referral for lifetime.

PlugRush – Being their publisher, you can sell or trade traffic. Minimum Payment is $50. You will receive 5% lifetime of revenue that your affiliates generate.

JuicyAds – JuicyAds sell your ad space at the price you want. Their base commission is 25% which include customer service, payment processing, bandwidth, and etc. Minimum Payment is $50.

MyLikes – By posting tweets, blog posts, or videos for advertisers you like, you get paid on a per click basis. Any pending balance over $1.00 will be transferred to your Paypal account every Friday.

So if you can setup the above 4 together, you will earn a bit from here and there, i.e. ImageTwist for image views, PlugRush for ad zone / pop-under / mobile ad, JuicyAds for another ad zone / pop-under / mobile ad, and MyLikes for sponsored posts.

Other factors that might help:

Some people suggest using imacros scripts to automate certain processes, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Usually for most blog platforms, anything found to be automatic would receive the ban hammer soon.

It looks like Tumblr has implemented certain policies that unless your Tumblr blogs have activity (following others, reblogging, liking…), they won’t allow your blog to be viewed through tags. So you might want to start following / liking / reblogging other people.

A good looking Tumblr theme would definitely help. Some Pinterest grid style themes would work the best. For example, Themapolooza, or you can find some free ones here as well. Or if you plan to spend a few dollars, this Elphinstone looks pretty cool too.