Make Money Dropshipping T-Shirt

For many people, running an online T-Shirt business could be both fun and profitable. If you are interested in setting one up, your first concern might be how much money you can make, the profit margin of such business. Let’s take a look at how others are doing.

Zazzle and CafePress are two popular choices for creating, selling and dropshipping your own custom-designed t-shirt. At Zazzle, a basic white t-shirt costs $18.95. If you order more than 11 shirts, you save 10%. On the other hand, CafePress charges $32 for one white t-shirt, order 12 or more and get $12.14 each. On both stores, most members just markup a few dollars, some ambitious sellers would markup $10 or more. At first glimpse, most t-shirts are priced at $20-30. And as usual, shippings are extra. Now you roughly get an idea how much you can make, and how much your customers will get to pay. What if I tell you there is a supplier that can dropship t-shirt with free international shipping and no minimum order? If that’s something you are looking for, check out Fyves.


Fyves is a print on demand custom t-shirt store based in Romania, and they have been around for years. Searching Fyves and scam does not come up with any significant result, it looks safe to use. What do they offer? Basic pricing starts at $10.99 for a white t-shirt, and $12.89 for a colour t-shirt. For an optional tracking number, add $2, and a back print, add $2.7. Order processing takes roughly 2-3 days, and shipping to US takes about a week. What about refunds or returns? According to their FAQ, if the received shirt does not correspond with the order that you placed, Fyves will make you eligible for a reshipment or credit you with a free order. Fyves also has an affiliate program. By referring new customers to Fyves, you will earn a 3% lifetime commission on all orders that they place.

Now your next concern would be your t-shirts’ designs. Not many people are born as graphic designers, you might have great ideas for t-shirts, but not the ability to put them into work. The most affordable way is to find a Fiverr gig that can create your shirt design. However, when you order a design for $5, you better pay more attention and check if your t-shirt design has any copyright infringement problem. If you have a better budget, there are many freelance shirt designers available at Guru. Threadless and DesignByHumans are another two great places for finding graphic design artists, you can check out their designs, find the styles you like, and contact them accordingly.