Make Money Selling Posters

Sometimes, you spend money and find out how others are making money. I ordered a poster from Amazon, it took more than 2 months to arrive. It definitely didn’t come by airmail, I almost thought I got scammed. I sort of remember that if the purchase is made more than 3 months, you cannot claim credit card chargeback. 2 months is a long time! Is the seller not making much money, so they have to mail stuff by surface mail? If it takes 2 months, does the seller first order and receive the product from a supplier and then ship again? But, why would people go through all these troubles? Is there a huge profit for doing such arrangement?

Let’s check out some numbers. On Amazon Canada, the poster is priced at CDN$21.94 + CDN$9.99 shipping = total CDN$31.93, roughly £19.52. I noticed that the poster was shipped by a UK supplier. According to their website, the poster is priced at £4.99. Delivery fee is £2.55(UK), £3.50(Europe), and £4.80(Row). £4.99 + £4.80 = £9.79. So for each poster selling, that Amazon seller is making at least £19.52 – £9.79 = £9.73, roughly £10. Wow, so that’s how they make money selling on Amazon, are you interested? 🙂

Ok, it is time to reveal the name of this great online poster store, it is called GB Posters. I believe they also have a 15% commission affiliate programme.