Make Money Sharing Videos

There are quite a few programs that allow you to make money by sharing videos.

YouTube – If you already have an AdSense account, just link your YouTube account with AdSense and enable monetization. In order to get a much better result, some people would promote their video using YouTube PPC, and display AdSense on their video at the same time. Rumour has it that after promoting your video a while, it will start to get natural views, and you will start making some decent, stable AdSense money. If your video is viral in nature, that is even better, you don’t even need to spend much on promotion.

Break – At Break, competition could be a bit tougher. Only if your video can make it to the homepage, you will get paid. For your first featured video, they will pay you $400 to sell it to them, or you can license it to them for $200. Your second video will get $500 and $300 respectively, for the third and every one thereafter, you will get $600 and $400 respectively. All the submitted videos must be original content, i.e. YouTube type of content might not be acceptable. Copyrighted music or images are not allowed, and anyone that appears in the video must sign a release form. Payment is done via PayPal.

Blip – After subtracting some or all of the cost associated with the operation like data storage, bandwidth usage, Blip does a 50/50 revenue share with its members who upload videos. Minimum payout is $25 for PayPal, and $600 for paper check. Since Blip’s advertising is not available in all countries, you might not be able to earn revenue if you are outside the US. Currently, there are only two regions where Blip is selling advertising, i.e. US and UK.

Vidinterest – If you don’t want to produce videos, just plan to make money sharing videos, this one is for you. Vidinterest works in a way similar to Pinterest, but it seems a bit better. You bookmark YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos, earn credits, and redeem cash or rewards. Here is a list of actions which allow you to earn credits: 1. someone follows you (2 credits); 2. add a video (2 credits); 3. every 10 video views (1 credit); 4. someone “like” your video (2 credits); 5. someone adds your video into their playlist (1 credit). What can you redeem your credits for? You have a few options: $25 Amazon gift card (2500 credits), $25 ebay gift card (2500 credits), $10 Starbucks gift card (1000 credits), $10 PayPal cash (1000 credits), $50 Newegg gift card (5000 credits), or $15 iTunes gift card (1500 credits). A Facebook account is required to sign-up.