Make Blog Money with Pinterest

According to Alexa, Pinterest is ranked #38 in the world according to a three-month traffic rankings. The site mostly appeals more to Caucasian females under the age of 35 with an income of over $30k. Its visitors tend to be childless women or college graudates, and probably browse from work. So now you know Pinterest is popular and its audience is mainly female. How do you plan to make some blog money with Pinterest?

The most basic idea is to collect a good number of interesting images, post them on your blog, have your favourite blog monetization methods in place. Your monetization methods could be pay per click ads, affiliate ads, or cost per action offers, etc. Then you pin some of your best images on Pinterest, and expect some Pinterest traffic to roll in. Since traffic equals money, you might make some decent money. Certainly, depends on what you pin and tag, your results will vary. If you over pin or your pinning habit doesn’t look too natural, you might get into trouble. I know of a few pinners who only placed 1-2 product affiliate links, and they are making money. Anyway, the natural way is always the best, don’t try to fool and scam your visitors, share your interests with your fellow pinners, you will make a few bucks in the process.

If Pinterest is for women, is there one for men? Yes, many Pinterest clones targeting different audience groups are coming up, there is one called MANteresting. But of course, compared to Pinterest, Pinterest is way more popular. This pin board idea is limitless. If you want to start up your own pin board, here is a list of Pinterest clone scripts to help you started.