Online Money Making Ideas for 2013

2013 is around the corner, do you have any great online money making ideas for 2013? If you ask people their favourite ways of making money online, most will probably say blogging, joining affiliate programs, or running CPA offers. Somehow I agree that those are all good. Most probably, make money by blogging is the most risk-free one. As long as you are updating your blog from time to time, every now and then some visitors would be kind enough to visit your sponsor ads. On the other hand, marketing affiliate programs or CPA offers do sound good. But unfortunately, most affiliate programs don’t pay, they either shave leads like crazy, or they give you all kinds of excuses to delay payment. One might end up providing free advertising for businesses, and wasting valuable time and resources.

The best online money making method is to own an online business that generates recurring income. And if you are a decent fellow who has a genuine intention to pay your affiliates, that’s even better. Setup an affiliate program and let your affiliates help you, make your business bigger and bigger. Here are some ideas that I’m personally quite interested in.

1. Theme Club – No matter for personal or business use, as long as you decide to create a web presence, you could always use a well designed theme to enhance your website outlook. Yes, there are many free themes lying around, but commercial themes usually provide more features with better, slick designs. There are several ways to run a theme selling business. If you can only manage to gather a designer or two, you can start a small theme club that charges an annual membership fee and offer few new designs per month. The only problem is that if you only have a couple of designers, you can’t provide a whole variety of designs. Better yet, instead of running a theme club, run a theme portal, allow designers from everywhere to sign up and display their works. ThemeForest is a very good example, if you ever need a new theme for your WordPress blog, business website, or even a Joomla CMS site, you can always find something there for you. How much can you make? Using ThemeForest’s business model, theme designers can earn anywhere from 50-70%. In other words, that’s 30-50% for you.


2. Browser Game – When we talk about online games, in order to make money, you don’t necessarily need a whole lot of developers to develop a huge game like Warcraft or Guild Wars. Nowadays, many gamers are office workers. For the obvious reason, most would prefer simple online games that would fit right into any browser. Here I can give you two examples, check out eRepublik and Torn City. eRepublik is a multiplayer web browser game that allows players to rule a country, join in local and national politics where they can help formulate national economic and social policies. The game does not display a whole lot of graphics, mostly text descriptions. On the other hand, Torn City is a text only role-playing game. Torn City is a virtual world based around gang violence, the game focuses on crimes and player versus player combat as a way of earning experience points. So, where is the money? That is entirely up to your imagination. eRepublik offers many different “supply pack” / game gold pack, the recent supply pack was on sale for £9.99. Torn City provides “donator pack” which costs $5 each. To generate more income, many browser games also integrate CPA offers into the system. So, players will earn virtual game currency, and game owners will make money from affiliate programs.

3. Google News Site – Everybody knows traffic is money. As soon as your news site is included in the Google News Index, money will roll in! In order to get approved for inclusion, there are certain guidelines that a site would need to follow, here is a copy of requirement from Google:

“We typically include sites in Google News that:
– have news content reporting on recent events – please note that we don’t include informational and how-to articles, classified ads, job postings, fictitious content, event announcements, advice columns or adult content;
– have content that is original to the site;
– are written and maintained by a clear organization, one that has multiple writers and editors with accessible contact information;
– don’t solely promote their own activities or products;
– don’t violate Google’s quality guidelines available at
Please let us know if your site fits these guidelines. If it does, you may want to review our technical requirements as well found at”

So if one has money and time, hire 5-10 freelance bloggers, update the site day and night, hopefully sooner or later the site will get indexed! Or one can also find 5-10 bloggers as partners to work on such long-term project, but one would need to think of how revenue sharing works.

4. Media Buying