Can You Make Money with the Movie Niche?

Many internet marketers claimed that they are making tons of money with the movie / TV shows niche. Say, if you plan to set up your own movie review website, how would you get started? The first things that come to my mind are: you can either run a customized PHP script to build a movie site or run a WordPress site with a movie niche plugin.

Movie Site PHP Script

I’m unable to find any free or open source PHP script for building a movie website. Most of the available PHP scripts require a license fee. For example, there is a WSO called MovieCloneScript, which sells for $67. It is already configured for Amazon Associates, AdSense, and ClickBank. If you prefer something other than a WSO, CodeCanyon has quite a few options, check out Movie Database 2. Movie Database 2 only costs $24, which is quite an affordable solution. Of course, you can also add any ad banner, affiliate link code, or CPA offer to your movie site.


Movie Site WordPress Plugin

WPMDb claims itself to be the most powerful movie site plugin for WordPress. It is fully automated, fully customizable and updated daily. For a limited time offer, it is only $97. Some of its amazing features include:

Fully Automated – WPMDb will drip feed content to your site on an automated schedule, WPMDb will automatically check for newly released movie, so your site will continue to update on autopilot.

Amazon Associates Integration – Just enter your affiliate ID and WPMDb will automatically create links to relevant DVDs and Blue-Ray, as well as Amazon Instant Video in every movie posts.

Automatic Trailers Embeds – Every movie posted on your site automatically contains an embeded trailer retrieved from Youtube.

And for those who are looking for a free movie site WordPress plugin solution, the WordPress plugin repository has a few for you to choose from, but not many of them really work. Also, a free solution usually means you have to do things manually. Anyway, I did find two that work, and those could be helpful for making a simple movie review blog.


IMDB Info Box – This plugin simply displays a movie info box, you can change text colour, background colour and such.

IMDb Connector – This plugin is quite versatile and easy to use, you use shortcodes to retrieve whatever IMDb info you want. For example, if the movie ID is tt2203939 (The Other Woman), use <img src=”[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt2203939″ detail=”poster”]”> to post movie poster, [imdb_movie_detail title=”tt2203939″ detail=”title”] to post movie title. If you have problem displaying the movie poster, most likely your directory path is incorrect, edit file imdb-connector.php, replace line 122 with your correct URL. If your domain name is, put $url = “”; on line 122.

For both plugins, make sure that your plugin cache directory is 777 writable, or you will get errors.