Best Fit & Healthy Affiliate Program

When asking about the best fit and healthy affiliate program in various “make money online” forums, many forum members like to recommend MoreNiche. Usually a few other brand names also come up, such as MarketHealth, or SellHealth. The following table shows a a brief comparison of the 3 sites.

Since MoreNiche does not require a website to signup, MoreNiche is the first one I joined, maybe that’s also the reason why so many forum members prefer MoreNiche, haha. But I guess the most important reason is that MoreNiche does have a good payout reputation among the forums.

MoreNiche MarketHealth SellHealth
Product Categories Anti-Aging & Pain Relief, Health and Beauty, Skin Care, Teeth Whitening, Weight Loss Colon Health, Cosmetics, General Health Products, Men’s Health, Pet Health, Sexual Health, Skin Care, Sports Nutrition, Teeth Whitening, Weight Loss, Women’s Health and Beauty Anti-Aging & General, Digestive Health, Skin Care, Male Sexual Health, Female Sexual Health
Payout PayPal, Cheques, Payoneer, International wire transfer in USD and EUR, UK Bank Transfer in GBP. Minimum payout is $100(£50). Each month has two periods: 1 – 15th, and from 16th – till the last day of the given month. The first payment will have 30 day extra waiting period before paid out Commission Checks are sent twice a month on the 1st and 16th with a $20 minimum. The House offer sales you generate from the 1st – 15th get paid on the 1st of the following month. The sales you generate from the 16th – 31st get paid on the 16th of the following month. Therefore, there is a two week accounting period before you receive your payout. Network offers have a 4 week accounting period. Payment options include cheques, ACH, wire transfer, FedEx, Payoneer. Payout frequency: Bi-Monthly / Monthly.
Requires a website to signup? No Yes Yes


Once you sign in, you will be greeted with an affiliate interface that is simple and yet well thought out. First, you might want to click “Get Links & Resources” to get a brief idea of merchants overview, what are selling, how much you can earn, conversion rates, product ranking, demographic and seasonality data. There are tons of resources in their affiliate forum including marketing ideas, website tools, newbie advice and such. Product promotion is not the only way to make money here, sometimes you can earn more by writing product reviews (e.g. you can get a $10 bonus for your tea product review), getting a special bonus for 100 sales or 100% commission incentive, you can find more incentive opportunities in their affiliate forum. Some product such as Phen375 provides lots of marketing resources including more than 150 content articles, images, banners, media and scripts, and even free templates and WordPress themes. So, if you are still looking for a Fit & Healthy affiliate program with the best affiliate support and timely payout, give MoreNiche a try!