Make Money with Pay Per Call

What is Pay Per Call? Basically, your job is to promote a toll-free number provided by advertisers. When you get someone to call that number, and if they stay on the line for a certain period of time, take an offer, or purchase a service or product, you get paid! Every campaign has a different set of requirement.

How much can you earn from Pay Per Call? Here is an example: Credit Card Debt Relief – Place a unique toll-free number on your website and get paid $41 per valid call that lasts over 3 minutes. For calls lasting over 20 minutes, get paid $50 per valid call. A valid call is during business hours, in the states of operation and has over $10,000 in unsecured debt.

What niches are available? There are too many to list, but here are some examples, business services like merchant accounts, business loans, office tools, or VoIP, financial services like mortgage loans, insurance, tax service, credit reporting or investment, or home services like repairs, plumbing, roofing, or security…

How to promote your campaign? Usually the advertiser will define what promotional methods are allowed and not allowed for a certain campaign. Typical allowed methods include online content / search / email / social media, mobile apps / display, or offline newspaper / magazine / radio / TV ads.

Where to sign up for Pay Per Call? Most CPA networks offer its members a wide range of Pay Per Call offers. Recently I have visited the following websites: Commission Junction, RingRevenue, CallCommission, Ring Partner, Ring Ally