Best Payday Loan Affiliate Program

Payday loan is one of the most competitive and lucrative niches. Internet marketers love it because of its profit potential. There are many ways to monetize your payday loan niche site / blog, you can use pay per click program like Adsense, or offers from CPA companies, loan aggregators and direct lenders. Here are some of the best well-known payday loan affiliate program providers.

LeadsMarket (US) – How much you can earn? 90% revenue share. When do you get paid? NET 30 payments for all affiliates. What are the payment methods? They offer Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, Check in the Mail, PayQuicker, Payoneer and Paypal. Minimum payout is $100. Can you earn more? Yes, LeadsMarket also offers an affiliate referrals program, they pay you 3% bonus on all commissions generated by your referred affiliates.

T3leads (US, UK) – For email traffic, the average EPL (earning-per-lead) is $4 to $7. For SEO, the average EPL is $14 to $25. For PPC, the average EPL is $12 to $15. For example: Out of 100 Leads you sold 40%. If you earned $1,000 your EPL would be $10. Payments are made every fifteen days based on earned revenue. Affiliates earning over $1,000 in weekly sales can qualify for weekly payments. T3Leads also offers a referral program which pays you 3% percent of the gross revenue generated by affiliates you referred to them.

Pingtree (US, UK, Australia) – How much do you get paid for each lead?Each of lenders operates differing payout schemes with the majority paying on the basis of an accepted lead in real time. A small number pay a larger sum based upon a Cost per funded basis where commission is paid when the customer completes a loan. The amount per lead varies depending on the quality of the lead and which lender buys it at what price point. When will you be paid for the leads? Pingtree pays net 30 days, but they can provide alternative payments cycles depending on volume of traffic.

LeapLab (US, UK) – LeapLab is a leader in the financial market since 1998. Highly converting exclusive offers are available for your US and UK traffic. Publishers are paid via check, wire transfer or direct deposit.

Round Sky (US) – Round Sky works with a group of direct payday loan lenders across the US. Fantastic Service & On-Time Payments: Weekly and Monthly payment schedules available. Get paid by ACH or Check. Dedicated support team. No shaving, no scrubbing, no hassles.

LeadFlash (US) – Highest Payouts: LeadFlash affiliates receive the highest payouts (over $120 per lead) and a special bonus program provides a further incentive to join their family. Haha, this is one of the few that wrote on their website saying approximately how much you can earn per lead.