Cheap Premium WordPress Themes

I joined Elegant Themes months ago, and I like it. They are not the cheapest WordPress theme club, but they are definitely the most affordable WordPress theme club. Here are the pros and cons of joining Elegant Themes.

Pro – Best Support

About two weeks ago, there was a blog vulnerability caused by the use of an image re-sizing script called timthumb. Since most of the WordPress themes are using that popular image script, that means a great number of websites are subject to this security hole. Being a member of Elegant Themes, they emailed us immediately, and urged us to update our theme files. So from that you can tell, when you join such a professional WordPress theme club, you are well taken care of.

Pro – Most Affordable Pricing

For $39, you get 67 premium WordPress themes, and more themes are being added monthly. Some of the themes are even designed with a particular interest in mind, e.g. boutique theme, news theme, web store theme, real estate theme, and many more. Where else can you join a WordPress premium theme club for $39? Most of the time, $39 can’t even get you one premium WordPress theme with the same quality.

Pro – Great Features

Elegant Themes come with a built-in ePanel options interface which consists of lots of useful and powerful tools. Out of all the great features, the one I like most is navigation management. With a few simple clicks, I could easily setup my blog navigation dropdown menus, choose what links to display, or adjust the display order. The usages of short codes and page templates also come in handy. Instead of installing an additional contact WordPress plugin, I could use the contact page template to setup a simple contact form.

Con – No Left Sidebar Option

At the present time, none of the 67 themes has a left sidebar layout option. According to Google’s heat map, left sidebar is a great place to put ads and stuff. I sincerely hope that, in the near coming future, Elegant Themes would consider adding one or two theme designs that allow a left sidebar option. If there will be one that works like the very famous Adsense WordPress theme – CTR theme, then that will be perfect!