Another 10 White Label / Private Label Opportunities

10 White Label / Private Label Opportunities

Another Ten White Label / Private Label Opportunities

White Label Printing – Printing In A Box – Printing in a Box is a unique printing business opportunity that provides would-be entrepreneurs with a chance to claim their piece of a multi-billion dollar industry by owning and operating their very own online printing business. Once your account is active, you’ll have access to a full admin section where you can track orders, customers, commissions, and even see a list of users currently viewing your site. This admin tool also allows you to adjust site-wide pricing, setting your own markup over the wholesale print products. If you want to rent one of their developed domains, it’s $99/month. If you prefer to use your own domain name, there is an extra $199 setup fee.

White Label Website Building – Reseller Dynamics – For $49.99/month, you get everything you need to start selling websites with the Reseller Dynamics private label website program. Here is the details: 1. Reseller Dynamics charges you a $49.99 monthly subscription fee to become a certified reseller. 2. You decide what you charge your customers per month (charge between $17 and $50/month). 3. Reseller Dynamics takes a $10 wholesale cost per site/month. (This covers support, hosting, billing etc.) 4. Reseller Dynamics sends you out a check each month with the difference. As a reseller bonus, you get your first 5 sites you sell for free, i.e. you keep 100% of those earnings.

White Label Coffee – K&F Coffee – What Does Private Label Mean for Your Coffee Business? There are two main options. 1. Select one of their existing blends or origin coffees and they will re-package it with your own label. You can choose from their traditional coffees, the K&F brand; or from their BellaSelva® Organic Coffees. 2. Customize your own coffee. K&F Coffee will take you through the “Cupping” process where you will compare the aromas and flavors of select beans to create your own private blends. Once you have identified your premier blend, K&F will go to work roasting your beans to create Your Perfect Cup. All private label orders carry a minimum quantity of 50 bags. Larger order quantities are required for distributor pricing.

White Label Clothing – American Apparel – Your custom products can be based on one of their existing products, or they can design something specifically for you. With each private label order, you will receive a sample before they start full production. You will typically receive your sample 7-10 days business after placing your order, and your complete order 2-4 weeks after approving your sample. When placing a cut and sew order minimums will be based on the style being ordered. Each style/fabric will have different minimums. The average minimum for a custom order will be between 600-1,200 pieces per style, 200 per size.

White Label Pizza – Champion Foods – Champion Foods is a market leader in development and manufacturing of Private Label Take and Bake pizza programs. Champion Foods’ Private Label pizza programs all start with their patented pizza crusts that will bake golden and crisp every time. They use the highest quality, fresh ingredients to create a truly delicious pizza. They can also work with you to develop recipes from scratch or match one of your current flavors. Champion Foods can create anything from large family size private label pizzas all the way to small, single serve options using a variety of sauces, crust types and ingredients to create a exceptional product for your stores.

White Label Travel Program – Expedia Affiliate Network – Expedia Affiliate Network helps companies like search marketers make lots of money by offering hotel bookings to your website visitors. EAN is a 100% private label service: your brand, your customers, your revenues. EAN offers attractive commission rates on every booking your customer makes, after cancellations. Expedia Collect Inventory: 5% commission. Hotel Collect Inventory: 50% of the commission collected from the hotel. Commissions are paid out on the 15th of every month. Accounts that have earned less than $50 in commissions during the current month will continue to accrue and will be paid out according to the monthly schedule once $50 threshold is met.

White Label Music – Private Label Music – Private Label Music designs a 4 color CD package with music you choose. You identify the style and mood of your business and they will suggest appropriate music for your branded album. They have just about everything from Classical to New Age and Spa, from Pop to Rock and Jazz, Asian to Hawaiian and World. You upload a logo and some photos and they take it from there and they manufacture and deliver the finished product, cleared, licensed and ready to sell or offer as an amenity. There is no setup fees. You only pay for what you order, based upon quantity and packaging. You may order as little as 100 units but prices improve with quantity.

White Label Candles – Candle Shack – Candle Shack is a UK based manufacturer of high quality scented candles. They offer a comprehensive candle design and manufacturing service, taking you from initial concept, through product design and manufacture, to the final approved product. Whether you are looking for 100 or 10,000 candles, Candle Shack can create the perfect range of scented candles to suit your brand, volume and budgetary constraints. The minimum volume for bespoke candles is 100 per order, although options are very limited at this volume. They recommend at least 250 candles if you require bespoke boxes or glasses.

White Label Nutritional Supplements – Muscle Gauge Nutrition – Muscle Gauge Nutrition will work with you to create your own unique label, bringing your own sports nutrition and supplement ideas to life… Once you define your product needs, you will receive a product proposal package consisting of a price quote (valid for 15 days), customized nutrition facts, and product samples for your approval free of charge. They offer 3 rounds of complimentary product optimization to tailor your flavor profile to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your product specifications. Muscle Gauge Formulas are readily available in inventory and getting an order of your own private labeled brand is only a phone call away!