Genuine Reliable Chinese Wholesale Dropshippers

Previously, I tried to work up a list of US based wholesale drop-ship suppliers. You might wonder, since China is the world factory, nowadays most products are “made in China” anyways, wouldn’t Chinese dropshippers offer the best pricing? I believe you get what you pay for. For American wholesalers, importers, or drop-shippers, sometimes, they run and own their own factories in China, or at least they work with their Chinese partners or manufacturers closely and directly, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be selling any replica products to your customers. On the other hand, Chinese dropshipping business is a different story. Tons and tons of both fake and genuine products are being shipped out of China everyday, you have to pay special attention of what you are selling to your customers. If a price is too good to be true, it probably is. Selling replicas might get you into troubles with eBay, Amazon and the customs department. To make it simple. If you want genuine, quality products with better shipping times, you might want to go for a US or Euro based dropshipper. However, if you prefer products with a more competitive pricing and don’t mind to wait for a few more days for the delivery, a China based dropshipper might work for you. Also bear in mind that many so-called dropshippers are actually middlemen themselves, some of them would charge you a monthly fee and offer products that are more expensive than those listed on eBay or retail stores.

Here are a couple of good websites to get cheap stuff from, the only thing is that some of their products aren’t necessarily top notch. But if you can choose wisely and try to avoid the fake ones, you can make some good dollars. One major problem is the shipping time, some items might take weeks to deliver, you would need to inform your customers in advance. – DealExtreme provides a drop shipment / gift service for the cost of $0.01, DX logo and name will be removed from shipping label, it’s perfect for your drop-shipping customers. – FocalPrice offers free shipping and a dropshipping program with a number of cool features like 10% off discount for the first dropship order, 10% off for monthly deals’ popular items, priority shipping and more.

Both of the above websites also provide a few different partner/affiliate programs, you can make some more money promoting their products on forum, social networks, or blogs, and etc. However, I suppose if you plan to dropship items from them, you might not want to promote their products directly. This blog post title says Genuine Reliable Chinese Wholesale Dropshippers, yes, they do deliver. Again, you just have to be careful of what you choose to sell.