Domain Parking with Sedo

Frankly speaking, I haven’t used Sedo for a long time. Recently, I wanted to park some domains over there and see how things go. It looks like things have improved quite a bit over the years. For those who are new to Sedo domain parking services, here are a few things you might want to know.

1. Park and sell your domain name at the same time – Sometimes, you don’t just want to park it, you might want to sell it if the price is right. Sedo has something called Big Data Pricer which uses domain performance metrics to calculate a suggested price for your domain name. How does it work? It works by comparing your domain name with information found on the web and Sedo’s own history of comparable sale data, resulting in a suggested fair market price for your domain. If you are not sure what price you should set, just leave a “make offer” option, and your prospective buyers can bid for your domain.

2. Get maximum exposure and receive payment within one business day – If your domain registrar joins and supports SedoMLS Premium partner network, your domain listing will show up for sale across more than 650 global registrar partners. You don’t pay if you don’t sell. A 20% commission fee applies if your domain is sold on the SedoMLS Premium partner network, regular commission fee is 15%. You better make sure that you really want to sell your domain, because once Sedo receives payment from the buyer, your domain will be instantly transferred to the new owner and removed from your registrar account without any further approval!

3. Your earnings are accumulated and retained – As I said, I haven’t used Sedo for a long time. How long? I still have some 2008 earnings in my account, pretty amazing eh… So I mailed their support, the reply is that my earnings are still there, feel free to pick up and start using their services anytime again. In most circumstances, if you haven’t used a service for a while, online companies would normally just cancel your account and take your money.