Affordable SEO Multiple IP Web Hosting

In the market, most regular web hosting providers would only provide 1 IP for your whole hosting account. For the best backlinking result, many SEO experts suggest that we should host our web sites using multiple IPs, some call it SEO web hosting. If you like this idea of having a number of IPs assigned to your different domains, you need web hosting companies that specialize in SEO hosting. Basically, there are two types of SEO hosting, i.e. shared IP SEO hosting and dedicated IP SEO hosting. Dedicated IP SEO hosting services are a bit more expensive, and shared IP SEO hosting services are more affordable. Let’s compare some of the popular SEO hosting solutions here:

Host The Name – $12.50 / month. 5 IPs, 20G disk space, 400G monthly traffic, unlimited domains, unlimited MySQL databases.

IX Web Hosting – $7.95 / month. 15 dedicated IPs, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, 3 free domain registrations. – $12.50 / month, 2 domains with dedicated IPs. Too bad, on their website, there is no mentioning of disk space or bandwidth usage.

SEO Host – $9.95 / month. 5 IPs, 5G disk space 50G bandwidth.

IdeaStack Hosting – $10 / month. 10 IPs, 10G disk space, 100G bandwidth, unlimited domains.

It looks like IX Web Hosting offers quite a deal, I’m gonna give it a try!