So You Want to be Your Own Boss?

Recently, I saw an Adsense ad about a “Be Your Own Boss” opportunity, the niche is about night out. The basic concept is to setup a website listing night out places, bars, restaurants, or events in your local area. If you can get advertisers interested in buying a profile page at your site, you charge them a recurring monthly fee. According to the plan, you will make thousands of dollars in recurring income, month after month. Sweet eh?

Here is some more details about this great opportunity:

How much it costs – For a one time small setup fee of $199, and only $310 per month afterwards, you can own your city’s exclusive night out website. If you order it now, you can get your first six months for just $210 a month. The package includes a website, hosting, email setup, customer support, and many other miscellaneous stuff like marketing kits, help guide, etc etc.

How much you can earn – According to the data given, if you sell an average of 10 video profile and 10 full profile per month, theoretically you will be earning $10800 per month in 12 months. I’m not sure exactly how those numbers come up.

How to get traffic – The site suggests that you can generate traffic from organic search and local promotions. Somehow organic search mostly depends on your site content, quality, links, target keyword etc. In other words, you still need to provide and work on your own content. And you might also need to spend money on advertising for local promotions.

Using some of the website content, I searched and found another website offering a similar package with the exact content. But this time, the setup fee is a bit steep, it is a one time setup fee of $2500, plus a $1000 monthly fee. Not sure who is copying who, or maybe those websites are run by the same company.

So folks, if you know how to setup a website, install a WordPress theme, and be able to provide some sort of customer support, you can also design, sell, and promote your own “Be Your Own Boss” package.