Best Hostgator Alternative

Ever since Hostgator got bought out by EIG (Endurance International Group), some people complain that Hostgator service is going downhill. Being a Hostgator user for years, I don’t quite agree with that. Sometimes, there are minor issues like once for a while one of my accounts was excluded from the weekly backup, or the system somehow counted my number of inodes incorrectly, those are still acceptable. Compared to many other hosting service providers, Hostgator is still reasonably reliable. So when I read posts about people jumping boat and moving to other so and so provider, I would only consider those as marketing material from other hosting competitors.

But… yes, there is a but, somehow I don’t seem to have much luck with Hostgator affiliate program. You see, if a hosting company provides a great service, that’s good. However, if a hosting company not only provides a great service, but also an affiliate program that would work for me, that’s even better. So I’m planning to try other hosting provider and try my luck with their affiliate program. Are there any good Hostgator alternatives around?

Many application developers like to provide a recommended list of web hosting providers. For example, WordPress recommends Bluehost, DreamHost and Laughing Squid. Bluehost belongs to EIG, and I plan to try something other from the EIG group. Laughing Squid does not provide unlimited shared hosting. Yea, I know, unlimited shared hosting is never meant to be “unlimited”, but a fixed disk space / bandwidth account doesn’t seem to be very flexible. The only choice left is DreamHost.

DreamHost “Shared” hosting plan is similar to Hostgator “Baby” plan, both allow “unlimited” domain, disk space, bandwidth and with a similar pricing structure. Now let’s take a look at DreamHost affiliate program.

DreamHost Affiliate Rewards Program has a two-tier commission structure. You can earn $97 for each DreamHost web hosting referral and an extra $5 for each sub-referral. Here are some more details: Earnings are in USD and can be received via PayPal (with a 5% fee), or applied to your DreamHost hosting bill. Earnings may be cashed out 97 days after the referral happens, and they’re paid out on the first business day of each month. There is a $20 minimum requirement before you can cash out. When you sign up, there is one more option for commission structure, i.e. you can choose to get paid 10% of all payments forever per new direct referral, and 5% of all payments forever per secondary referral.

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