Making Money with Reseller Hosting

Basically, there are two types of people who would use reseller hosting – people who plan to make money by reselling web hosting space, and people who want more security for their websites. Many Internet gurus suggest that with shared hosting and multiple websites, you could run into the risk of one site being exploited and then your entire account (every other websites) also being compromised. With reseller web hosting, you can create separate different account for each domain name, which offers a bit more protection. Well, I guess, websites with traffic deserve to have their own account, or even with its own SSL installed.

Searching for the best reseller hosting provider takes a bit effort. Nowadays, there are simply too many fake reviews. Especially some of those forums focusing on web hosting marketing, many of their ad sponsors are over-selling. Instead of looking for new providers, I go for the ones I’m already using their services. I figure if I like their shared hosting, what would possibly go wrong with their reseller hosting? So, here they are – InMotionHosting and Namecheap.

InMotionHosting Reseller Hosting
R-1000S – $27.99/mo, 80 GB disk space, 800 GB/mo bandwidth
R-2000S – $39.99/mo, 120 GB disk space, 1200 GB/mo bandwidth
R-1000S – $54.99/mo, 160 GB disk space, 1600 GB/mo bandwidth

Namecheap Reseller Hosting
Reseller 1 – $16.95/mo, 25 GB Disk space, 1000 GB/mo bandwidth
Reseller 2 – $26.95/mo, 75 GB Disk space, 2000 GB/mo bandwidth
Reseller 3 – $36.95/mo, 150 GB Disk space, unlimited bandwidth
Reseller 4 – $46.95/mo, 300 GB Disk space, unlimited bandwidth

Both providers supply lots of starter information, you can take a look at this and that, and see which one you like the best, or maybe you want both. Personally, the first one seems to be more comprehensive and better organized. Another advantage is that you can easily upgrade and downgrade your package with InMotion, sign in Account Management Panel, and find a link for “Change Hosting Plan/Term”, I could not find that on Namecheap.

How to get started? Here is some basic information you might want to know. With InMotion, a free WHM license is included with the reseller package. There you can easily create accounts for your domains. Initially, you might get confused WHM with WHMCS, WHMCS is a billing software you can install with one click in Softaculous. WHMCS interacts with WHM to create accounts automatically. Sometimes, you might need to change your PHP version before installation, that could be easily done within cPanel. First thing first. Actually, there are two things you want to do.

First, install a SSL certificate for your domain, I got mine from the WHMCS website, that one seems to be a good deal, a basic RapidSSL only costs $12.95. Follow this link for other SSL options.

Secondly, you might want to modify your reseller website layout, the official WHMCS developer link is here. There you can find ways to modify whmcs template. Include templates are templates that are shared and used by multiple pages. They are located within the /includes/ sub-directory. head.tpl, navbar.tpl and sidebar.tpl are common to all pages. There are quite a few places you can find free WHMCS templates, e.g. WHMCS Themes and Free WHMCS Themes. Or you can visit ThemeForest for more templates.