Windows 10 & Rosetta Stone

Yesterday, as I upgraded my computer to Windows 10, I had a problem loading Rosetta Stone properly. Today, I decided to contact their online chat support and see if they can help me solve it.

Here is the problem description. What happened was that right after the Windows 10 upgrade, I received a fatal error trying to load Rosetta Stone. The message was “1141, Fatal Application Error, The good news: This is a very rare error. The bad news: You’re seeing it. You’ll need help from Customer Support to proceed. 0000” After a reboot, the screen turned completely black. Using Windows 10 Task View, I could see that the language software stuck at the screen “You have 3 months of online access to Rosetta Stone components for…” When I clicked “X” to close the software, everything turned back to normal.

The support guy at Rosetta Stone has been helpful, it only took a little while to fix it. Eventually, I was told that before I upgraded my OS, I should deactivate my software, or I would lose the license seat. Wow, first deactivate and then install and activate again, isn’t that too much of a trouble? Well, it looks like that’s how that software license works for the time being. Since I already upgraded without deactivating the software, the support guy is nice enough to help by adding another license seat, so now I’m able to use the same account ID to proceed.

Afterwards, I received an email from their support reminding me what I should do next time: “In the future, if you are moving your installation from one computer to another, upgrading your operating system, or if you foresee your installation being compromised or lost, it is essential that you follow the deactivation process below to allow future use of your license seat.”

So, if you have a similar problem loading Rosetta Stone with Windows 10, contact Rosetta Stone support and you will get your software running again within 10 minutes. 🙂