Make Money Online During COVID-19

While many people complain about losing money or job loss during COVID-19, some people are grabbing this opportunity to make money. Here is what I experienced recently.

As wearing face mask become mandatory in indoor public spaces, people need masks. Instead of using a one-time face mask, some people might look for a reusable face mask. I, for one, am looking for some. Most online stores sell reusable cotton face mask at around $15-50 per piece. I was curious about the Etsy market, so I found a couple of Canadian stores and bought one from each. I wanted to compare and planned to purchase some more later.

At around the same period, we also bought a few from a local store. Those are also reusable, washable, and with nose wire and filter pocket as well. Each one costs only $3.99. After a week or so, I received the two masks I purchased from Etsy. One looks like homemade. Guess what? The other one looks the same as the ones we bought from our local store. But of course, it was wrapped in a no-name plastic bag.

Talking about the one we bought from our local store, it comes with its original package, and it’s made in China – the world factory. The plastic bag also shows a barcode 6990314575537. That’s great as I can get more information about this product. If you search 6990314575537 on the Internet, you can tell what this face mask looks like. If you search it on eBay, one of the current price listings displays US$4.99 + $17.89 shipping. So, this seller is trying to make money on the shipping.

How much money can you make? Using that Etsy store as an example, the displayed price is $13.49. If the retail price is $3.99, I bet you can pay a lot less with a wholesale price. Canadian postage is $1.94 for non-standard and oversize mail up to 100g. This seller is selling close to 3000 pieces. Now you can tell roughly how much this seller has been made during these few months. And this is just for selling one product.

Where to find wholesale face masks? Taobao is a great place to start. However, you need to register to see the price listings. Many offer a good discount if you buy in bulk.