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Nowadays, there aren’t too many ad networks that would offer instant approval to new publishers. Most legitimate providers would check your website for days, or at least a few hours, to grant you approval.

Recently, I came across a couple of ad networks which claim to provide instant or fast approvals for new publishers. As the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I’m not going to name names here, let’s use call them Ad Network A and B.

Ad Network A – Their website does not display a real physical address. The phone number and address that are shown on the site, actually belong to their domain name registrar’s privacy protection service. Can you trust such a business would pay you? Social icons such as Facebook are pointed to a FAQ page. Some reviews suggest that this network would keep your traffic but never pay you. Of course, there are also positive reviews which state that this company did pay in time, and those reviewers even attached screenshots of payment proof. I bet for the average person; if you have the slightest doubt, you wouldn’t want to work with such business.

Ad Network B – This one looks more legitimate, but that’s the advertisers that are causing the problems. Many reviews report that their ads come with malicious code, fake security warnings, etc. I believe running those ads would scare your visitors away. If your visitors get scared away, you won’t get too many impressions.

Are there no such ad networks that are decent and would provide fast approval for new publishers? There is one which you can count on a total of 100%. No minimum traffic requirement. Instant approval. That is Jetpack’s Site Monetization, also known as WordAds, developed by Automattic. WordAds is mainly available to WordPress users. If you run a self-hosted WordPress, you would need the Jetpack plugin to run WordAds.

Site Monetization is just one of the many features provided in the Premium Plan. There are lots of useful features such as downtime monitoring, brute force protection, daily backups, malware scanning, payment collection and many moreā€”all for $9 per month, or $99 yearly. If you also need premium WordPress themes, you can try the Professional plan which includes unlimited premium themes, $29 per month, or $299 yearly.

Are you looking for a better deal? Dreamhost, a recommended web host by WordPress, has a web hosting plan specifically for WordPress user, i.e. DreamPress Plus (starting at $24.95 per month). The above mentioned Jetpack Professional plan is included. If you don’t already have web hosting, this is quite a good deal, you pay less, and you get both Jetpack and web hosting.

Some people comment that Jetpack is a resource hog that would slow down your website significantly. How does it work to compare with Adsense?

Running Adsense is simple. Just add a few lines of code, and you have it running. Running GTmetrix on an Adsense website would generally have a B on both PageSpeed Score and YSlow Score. However, it’s hard to get approved.

On the other hand, running WordAds is a bit tricky. Since Site Monetization is only one of the many features included in Jetpack, there are many other features you have to set up. You have to either disable or adjust to achieve a better result. In the beginning, I tried to turn on Site Monetization without modifying other features, and the GTmetrix result is a failing F. Obviously, Jetpack is too bulky. I wonder if the developer would consider releasing a stand-alone Site Monetization plugin, I think many users would love it.

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