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A few months ago, I got a little project helping my friends to set up a portal site in the fit and health niche. My task was to input hundreds of articles into the CMS. Most of those articles came from cheap paid sources. Rumours have it that some of those came from contents of deleted websites. You might wonder how to find those contents. Internet Archive has tons of them, but how to extract them by a script is another story. Anyway, I needed software to skim through the contents. I tried free tools like Language Tool ( and Hemingway App (, but I end up using Grammarly.

Grammarly offers both free and premium versions. I always feel that you won’t get the full experience until you try the version with full features. So I tried the premium one, love it and keep it. There is a pretty interesting Goal Setting. You can set Audience (General, Knowledgeable, or Expert), Formality (Informal, Neutral, or Formal), Domain (Academic, Business, General, Email, Casual, or Creative), Tone (Neutral, Confident, Joyful, Optimistic, Friendly, Urgent, Analytical, or Respectful), and Intent (Inform, Describe, Convince, or Tell A Story). So, how many combinations are there? 3 X 3 X 6 X 8 X 4? Nope, you can select multiple options with Tone and Intent.

This software keeps updating itself. Say, if you get 100 points with an article you edited months ago, you won’t get the same points if you open it today. If I would need to suggest this software, I believe that the Plaglarisum tool could work better. Currently, many slangs or common phrases used would raise a red flag in that section.

Being a member, you also receive a weekly email about your writing update. That includes the number of weeks you are using, productivity, mastery, vocabulary, tone, and mistakes. The “Tone” part is interesting, and you can see what tones are detected, ups and downs, etc.

One day, I emailed support. Say, I use Grammarly to write and proofread something and submit it somewhere. If that other party also happens to use Grammarly and check it with the Plaglarisum tool, would it cause a problem? Support replied saying that articles are not stored in their system for plagiarism check. Oh ok, then that’s all cool.

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