Missing Subtitles on Netflix

To be more specific, I should write “missing certain foreign subtitles on Netflix”. Depends on your viewing region, Netflix seems to provide only limited options on subtitles. Assuming you are viewing contents with a German subtitle, and all of a sudden, your favourite German subtitle disappeared without warning. Other subtitle options are still available though, e.g. you can always have French subtitle and such.

There are quite a number of solutions you can find online. Most suggest that you need to clear your cache, disable your browser extensions, force stop your Netflix and restart, etc. Some of those solutions might work for you, but somehow none of them works for me. My only option is to reset my default language on the interface. For example, I wish to view a movie with German subtitle; I reset my default language to German, now German becomes an available subtitle option.

Now here is an interesting question, if you reset your default language again, will you still keep your German subtitle option? For my case, yes, for a few days. After some time, the system seems to decide that I no longer require that language subtitle option, oh boy, that’s funny! Wouldn’t it be nice if they can add a new option in “setting” that allows users to select and save their preferred language subtitles?

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