PayPal declined Google Play

Did Paypal decline Google Play or vice versa? I have no idea. How did it happen? Many months ago, I tried this mobile game Hay Day. I like it and bought some game gold. The first purchase was successful. After a while, I signed in PayPal and noticed that Google Play had set up an automatic payment. Since I was not sure if I would be addicted to the game and buy more game gold, I cancelled the automatic agreement. There came the problem. Ever since then, PayPal got declined on the Google Play.

I tried removing the PayPal payment information and added it again. Same old result. I could not use PayPal as a payment method. Credit card payment is fine, but I want to go with PayPal. It seems like if you cancel the automatic payment agreement, they will reject you forever.

A week ago, I would like to try something new. What if I have a PayPal balance, would it work? It turns out that the fund transfer between bank account and PayPal balance is not instant. I waited for days, but the PayPal balance was always zero. I decided to sign in my bank account to check the progress. Alright, the moment I check my account balance, that’s the moment the bank initiated the fund transfer. It took around three days to complete.

Once I got a PayPal balance, I tried purchasing game gold. This time, it worked without complaining. It went through the whole process asking me which bank account to use, blah blah blah. Later, I check my PayPal interface, and I could see that there are two Google Play automatic agreements in place. This time I wouldn’t bother to touch them, I’ll keep them as I plan to keep playing Hay Day for a while.

So, if you have a similar problem, maybe you can add some fund to PayPal and try again, it might work.

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