Searching the Best In-Text & Text Link Advertising Solution

Lately, I have been doing some research on in-text and text link advertising solutions. The beauty of using either of such solution is that most likely they can work hand in hand with Google Adsense. For those publishers who have already deployed Adsense on their web pages, adding in-text or text link ads could mean a secondary income stream for them. Or for those who don’t use Adsense for whatever reason, in-text and text link advertising could be a good Adsense alternative.

In the process of collecting in-text and text link advertising solutions in nowadays market, I have found over 20 solutions. I have heard and used a couple of them in the past, some I haven’t heard of, and I plan to try those on some other websites.

Anyhow, most of them not only offer a money making solution for web publishers, but also an affiliate program, that’s cool, that means you can earn more. Some of these solutions seem to be a bit new, I haven’t seen anybody using their services, but hey, everybody’s got to start somewhere, they might provide a decent service, who knows? Some have a bad reputation for distributing malware, ouch, use at your own risk! Some are a bit unfair, according to their TOS, they would remove your account (including your earnings) after 6 months of inactivity. Some I heard that they will make it difficult for you to withdraw minimum payout, the closer you get to the minimum payout requirement, the fewer you get for your clicks, well, you get the idea. Some are really mysterious, you can’t find their address either on their website or whois record, can you trust that they will send you the payout you deserve? Some seem to be a bit vague about their services, I suppose most publishers would only care about how they can make money using the service, a bunch of techno mumbo jumbo won’t help. At last, some have problems with their security certificate or site loading, I’ll try again some other time.

List of In-Text Advertising Solution

List of Text Link Advertising Solution

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