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Crowdfunding is a great way to get funding for start up projects. Seeing the success of Kickstarter, Indiegogo or GoFundMe, many people started to get interested in running their own crowdfunding site.

How much money you can make mainly depends on a few things such as how much commission you want to keep on each project (e.g. Kickstarter – 5%, Indiegogo – 4-9%, GoFundMe – 5%), what kind of projects you plan to accept (worldwide or regional, tangible or intangible, etc), what type of funding you will accept (flexible, or fixed funding or both). With PayPal Adaptive Payments, your backers’ contributions will be paid directly to you and your project creators’ PayPal accounts.

The followings are some of the best crowdfunding WordPress themes that can help setup your crowdfunding website in no time.


FUNDER – Crowdfunding WordPress Theme ($45, Last Update: 2 October 13)

Funder is a Responsive Crowdfunding WordPress Theme that allows backers and project creators to participate in the crowdfunding process through a simplified process based on 4 steps (registration, project description, project details, rewards). Future development might include the possibility of charging a project based on the duration of a campaign.


Franklin WordPress Crowdfunding Theme ($45, Last Update: 11 October 13)

Franklin is designed to work for both single campaign websites and community oriented crowdfunding websites. 7 preset colour palettes (orange & brown, teal & blue/gray, orange & teal, burnt red & plum, orange & beige, and mint & steel) are included.


Campaignify – Crowdfunding WordPress Theme ($55, Last Update: 16 September 13)

Campaignify is another crowdfunding WordPress theme developed by Astoundify. Campaignify is a mobile-friendly, responsive theme that allows users to create pledges easily from anywhere, anytime.


CrowdPress – A Crowdfunding WordPress Theme ($45, Last Update: 10 September 13)

Easy Digital Downloads’ “Paypal Adaptive Payments” extension is highly recommended. It works extremely well with CrowdPress. It allows payments to be held until campaign completion, and a percentage of campaign sales to be split between the site owner and the campaign owner.


Fundingpress – The Crowdfunding WordPress Theme ($55, Last Update: 14 October 13)

How are the fundings collected? The admin can collect the fundings at any time. There is an option in the admin panel to enable the project owner to collect the fundings: 1. If enabled, project owner can collect at any time like the admin (regardless the project is sucessful or not). 2. If disabled, project owner can collect only if project is successful.


Fundify – The WordPress Crowdfunding Theme ($60, Last Update: 14 October 13)

Fundify claims to be the first WordPress theme that lets you create your own crowdfunding website. As a matter of fact, almost all crowdfunding wordpress themes are based on a free WordPress plugin called “Crowdfunding”, which is developed by Astoundify. You wouldn’t be surprised that Astoundify also designed a Crowdfunding WordPress theme right?

Project creators have the choice of fixed or flexible campaigns. Here is how it works: A fixed campaign will only collect funds if you meet your target goal. For projects where any amount of money raised is helpful, run a flexible campaign and collect the contributions even if you don’t meet the target goal amount.

One thought on “Set Up Your Own Crowdfunding Site

  1. I need funding to purchse art supplies and pay for some of my hours as an elelmatery school fine art teacher. The school I work for came up with enough money for me to work part time for three months. But NO supplies.
    The teachers want me to work the entire school year not just three months.
    How do I find funding for some or all of this. The shcool district says there is no more funding, for this…yet welcome me to teach more art than I am funded for. How do I crowd fun this endeavor?

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