How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Amazon is a great brand that everybody would trust. Almost any Internet users would purchase something from Amazon from time to time. Being an Amazon affiliate, as long as you follow their terms of services, you don’t have to worry about getting banned, shaving leads or other nasty things that other companies do. When you set up your Amazon affiliate niche blog or website, there are few things you might want to consider.

How to choose a profitable Amazon niche? The Amazon Best Sellers page can give you tons of ideas. If you find something you are interested in, it would be much easier to start off. Since that’s something you are interested in, you might find it fun to work on the content, which in turn would allow you to rank your pages easier. While you could be spending a similar amount of time promoting a low or high priced item, you might as well devote your time promoting a product which has a moderate-high pricing.

What kind of content would work best for an Amazon niche site? Try to put yourself in the shoes of the online shoppers, the kind of information you would need before you make a purchasing decision, is the information your visitors would want to search for. Usually when your visitors found your niche site from the search engine organic search results, they are already in a buying mode and ready to purchase the product. They just want to look for additional reviews or products comparisons, make up their minds, and choose for the best product. In other words, your niche site should provide exactly that sort of information such as product review, product testimonial, comparison tables, how to buy, why you should buy, things to consider, purchasing guide, and any information you think would be useful to the potential shoppers.

Among all of the above, comparison table is the utmost important one. If you use them properly, you can get more converts. After all, who wouldn’t want to compare multiple products conveniently at a glance. No matter how detailed you want your comparison table to be, you should at least include a column with product image hyperlinked with your Amazon affiliate link. The idea is that you expect your visitors to click the product image for more information and get redirected to Amazon as soon as possible. Based on your visitors’ browsing history and stuff, Amazon will try their best to convert your visitor into a buyer. The sooner you send your visitors to Amazon, the better the chance you will earn some good Amazon commission.

How to localise your Amazon affiliate link? Ideally, you should try to accommodate all your online visitors, i.e. you want to send your UK visitors to the UK Amazon, US visitors to the US Amazon, and etc. There is a very popular WordPress plugin called Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer, which can do the job nicely. It is no longer available in WordPress Plugin Repository, however, you can still download it from GitHub. Some complain that the plugin no longer works, but somehow it’s still working for my Amazon affiliate sites. If you prefer a paid plugin, try EasyAzon, it costs $47-67 depending on the version, the free version does not include automatic link localization.

For those who are still looking for a more up-to-date and free solution for Amazon affiliate link localisation, you are in luck, try Amazon Link. This free WordPress plugin has way more features than some of the paid plugins. Compared to Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer, Amazon Link is a bit more complicated. Amazon Link makes use of the ip2nation database to localise your affiliate links, you might want to backup your WordPress database before activating this plugin.