Why I still use Hostgator

If you are planning to get a web hosting service and looking for information about web hosting companies, you might have heard of a forum website called Web Host Talk. Web Host Talk is well-known for providing a vast amount of information relevant to web hosting services. In one of their popular sub forums called Shared Hosting Offers, you can find lots of web hosting offers. Initially, I thought that those threads with a good number of view counts and positive feedback replies must be the ones with better reliable services. However, I could be wrong.

I bought a service from this so and so web hosting company and began to upload some stuff. Usually one way I would want to test out a server is to upload a complete folder of WordPress and see how smooth the connection is. The result was found to be unsatisfactory. The file connections kept dropping off. While I tried to reconnect, the server complained about too many ftp connections. This has never happened to me with Hostgator. After few more times of uploading within the next few hours, I gave up and canceled the account. So, here is a lesson, don’t always believe what you read from the forum. Just like Facebook’s like or Google plus one, positive forum feedback could be bought as well.

On the other hand. I have been using Hostgator hosting service for a number of years, I have not yet encountered any serious problem. Even if there were any minor problems, their technical support would always be able to response in a timely manner. If you are new to web hosting, their “Baby Plan” package would be quite sufficient for your needs. For only $6.36/month, “Baby Plan” provides unlimited domain names, disk space, bandwidth, emails, and comes with a whole lot of goodies. Order now, and get 20% off.

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